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"We have Install the Pasture Mats at our dairy and getting the best results"
Manager    Chitale Dairy
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About Promat  
Promat Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing products that increase cow comfort.
Since the beginning, dairy farming has had the monumental task of achieving higher milk production efficiency. Everything a farmer does is dependent upon the ability to produce more milk. This goal, however, should never overshadow the commitment to the animal itself.
The dairy cow’s needs must be met first and foremost. Fulfilling theses needs is Promat’s philosophy to “design a free stall area that emulates the characteristics of pasture” by building a modern day free-stall barn.
These dairy facilities fulfill the cow’s needs by providing the Comfort Zone™, an environment that mimics the natural pasture. We believe we have accomplished this goal of complete cow contentment.
Studies show that a cow spends 17% (4.08 hours) eating and drinking, 8% ( 1.92 hours) socializing and 17% (4.08 hrs) being milked. On average a dairy cow spends about 14 hours a day to rest. If part or all of that lying time is stressed, uncomfortable or spent standing, the cows’ milk production will significantly decrease.
Promat Inc. is the manufacturer of Pasture Mat®, Pack Mat™, Poly Pillow™, and Premium Pad™. This is the original Pasture Mat®, since 1985. When combined with the correct dimensions, these elements create the ultimate in cow comfort….this is our holistic approach to the “Comfort Zone™”. Promat Inc. considers the needs of the cow in terms of her general health and considers the needs of the farmer in terms of productivity. This Comfort Zone™ actually mimics the natural pasture for the cow.
Over a decade ago, Promat Inc. developed the first rubber crumb cellular mattress for the Dairy market. The product has become the leading standard in cow comfort stall flooring with over 2 million units sold to date.
Promat is one of the largest consumers of recycled rubber tires. We value our planet and are committed to environmental awareness. Recycling this rubber is one way in which we can do that.
Promat Inc. was the first company to bring time lapse videography into the barns to monitor and record findings on our products. The research indicated that in barns with pasture mats, “You can’t have just one!”
The research team at Promat Inc. is constantly improving and fine-tuning the originally-designed Pasture Mat®.
Better Facilities. More Milk. More Profit. Fact filled presentations will be made by dairy engineers, designers and other industry experts who will meet with you personally.
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